Engineering Testing Projects

Flow Consulting Engineers can assist with your testing requirements.  Our capabilities are described in the following projects which we have completed.

FCE offer a range of insitu testing services which allow the strength or stability of structures to be determined.  Details of project testing that we have recently completed are provided below.

FCE have load tested all the monorails installed at Karara Port operations.  The loads were applied to the middle of each monorail to produce the highest design stresses. A load cell was used to measure applied load.

FCE load tested Cliff Head A Platform Jacking Frame for Roc Oil Company Limited at GHS yard.  Four pad eye lifting lugs attached to the base of the frame were each tested for a WLL of 6.5t.

FCE have load tested several HIABs attached to work boats.  In 2015 FCE load tested davit cranes on X band antennas for BAE. FCE have successfully load tested spreader bars, kibbles, and other lifting devices.

In 2012 & 2015 FCE measured the axial and lateral deflections of vertical steel driven piles installed at the Mungarra Solar Power Station when subject first to axial tensile loading and second to lateral loading.  The testing was completed in accordance with the load testing of steel pile specification provided by First Solar Australia PTY LTD.

In 2017 FCE completed testing on three types of temporary fencing panel arrangements for Ready Fence to determine compliance with Australian Standards AS4687-2007 Temporary fencing and hoardings and AS/NZS1170.2:2011 Structural design actions Part 2: Wind actions. Ready Fence require that the temporary fence installations be used in all regions of Australia.  Tests completed included Simulated Climbing Test, Impact Test, Foothold Aperture Test, Infill aperture width test, Infill downward load test & Wind Force Overturning Test

In 2015 GMA Garnet Group commissioned FCE to perform testing to determine the friction coefficient for various packaged garnet truck tray transport configurations used by GMA which have been restrained using tie down straps to ensure that the packaged garnet is restrained in accordance with guidelines and performance standards for the safe carriage of loads on road vehicles issued by the National Transport Commission.

BCE routinely complete plate load bearing tests and provide reports for ground bearing capacity.

Engineering Testing Projects
Engineering Testing Project
Engineering Testing